Mirage WaterWorks provides un-paralleled effort and professionalism in our efforts to assist clients with their endeavors.  We believe that consulting services should be provided in the most flexible means possible.  .  In a nutshell, we realize that a client is looking for two vital criteria from a consultant, Advice and Expertise.

Our approach is above all else, to Listen To You!  As a client, you dictate our level of involvement.  Beyond that, our desire is to assist you in defining objectives, applying our expertise in analyzing the challenges and finally providing you with advice supported by proof of the most effective and viable solutions.

Perhaps you’re just seeking expert advice or recommendations on some aspect of an existing project, or, you might require us to oversee your interests on a large scale spectacular, we will accurately tailor our consulting service to fit your needs.

    • Initial contact, discuss a clients needs, wishes and depth of involvement, outline a strategy to proceed.  Schedule an in depth consultation.
    • 1st Consultation, discuss all aspects of the project, define objectives and a rough scope, establish strategy and a project timeline, define criteria for progress reports and milestones.
    • Execution and management of scope and strategy.  Due diligence and oversight.  Document progress.
    • Finalize workcomplete the project scope, Train Clients staff and hand-off operational aspects.Provide a Technical Documentation Package.  Maintain positive relationship with clientele.



Concept Design & DevelopmentThe ability to innovate
Mirage creates design solutions through the unbridled input of some very creative minds.  I believe that we bring something to the table that is rare in this industry.  It’s our ability to innovate. We’ve found that our most creative ideas and imaginative concepts often require technologies or applications that don’t even exist yet. That is where Mirage’s ability to innovate transcends the technical world into the realm of visual magic.  You have to be just as creative with engineering solutions and developing new technologies as you are with your visions.



Most of our technical feats and premier technologies were preceded by a “creative vision” for which no technology existed to create it.  “We just imagine all of the visual possibilities regardless of how radical or outlandish they may seem……..You have to temporarily suspend technical and physical constraints in order to explore all of the possibilities that a situation or space might present……….. then generate options based on the most viable/feasible solutions.  Only after you exhaust all input, ideas, approaches and angles can you be confident that you’ve arrived at the best solution.  Then, the really challenging part, figuring out how to do it”.

Our vision has been the impetus for at least 7 breakthrough concepts and proprietary technologies.  There are numerous examples of these unique concepts and technologies making a substantial and measurable difference in the success of some very challenging projects.  Projects that were otherwise doomed or previously impossible.  Learn more about the application of these breakthrough concepts and technologies in the Case Studies Section.

Our creative staff are easy going and enjoyable to work with.  We believe that establishing a relaxed and personable repertoire with our clients is of paramount importance.  “It’s all about establishing trust that is so important to the process of interacting and the nuances of gleaning accurate information”.

Please feel free to inquire as to what talents and resources Mirage can bring to bear on your next project. 


Project Management
Project management is defined as the process of achieving all of a project’s goals and objectives while honoring the
project’s constraints.  While this may be true, we all know there’s a lot more in the details than what this phrase might

Our approach to project management is straight forward.  Listen to what a client wants, formulate a viable plan based on accurate information and proven methodology, and bring to bear every ounce of talent and resources at our disposal to produce a result beyond what they have envisioned.  I think what sums it up best is that our reputation lies not just in what we have done, but, how it was done.  Mirage employs the “Phased Approach” to project management.

Phases of a Project

  • In the Consultation Phase, Mirage’s design staff and the client determine the projects overall objectives and identify any and all constraints and other parties involved. Mirage might utilize pictures, drawings and or renderings depicting applications, installations or events where similar criteria were present and similar systems were used. The result/findings of the initial consultation will be a written proposal. This consultation phase is complete when Client and Mirage agree that mirage’s level of involvement, estimated costs and time tables have been appropriately defined.
  • The Schematic Design Phase establishes the overall scope, concept design, and breadth of the the project. The objective is to establish a clearly defined concept that is feasible while investigating any other alternative design solutions and options.  Mirage will prepare a series of very basic plans, (schematics), which will show the proposed water feature integrated into the clients venue/conditions. Models and/or renderings might be created and utilized to help visualize the water feature in its proposed environment.  The project will proceed to the next phase upon submission, review and client’s approval of the Schematic Design.
  • Design Development Phase (D&D)during this phase Mirage and Client will flesh out and cover details and additional information necessary to expand upon the approved schematic design.  This expanded design is developed to illustrate the design in greater detail and to establish detailed engineering specifications for the proposed design.  Engineering drawings shall show all of the basic components, modules and associated elements in correct scale and configuration.  The D&D Document Package shall include specifications and requirements for all water feature components, infrastructures, control elements, cosmetic finishes and environmental impact.  Mirage verifies that the design complies with applicable codes and regulations.  The project proceeds to the next phase when the client approves the Design & Development documentation package.
  • Construction Documentation Phase, upon approval of the Design Development phase.  All remaining details will be finalized, Mirage will prepare blueprints and specifications, which the client’s chosen contractor will use to establish the actual construction cost and to install the water feature.


Systems Design, Engineering, Specification & Fabrication
Once a concept or design has been established, it must then take physical form. This is usually the most challenging phase as turning a vision into reality is often like building a spaceship based on a drawing of a humming bird. Again, Innovation often plays a key role in the success of this phase and innovation is where Mirage excels. It’s the core of what we’ve been doing for the last 25 years. Designing and building machines that re-create visions.


The proof is in the pudding.  Evidence of Mirage’s accomplishments in these fields can be seen in the Case Studies Section of this site.  If you are in need of some assistance in converting your concept into an engineered design or just need to put some form to your ideas, please feel free to give us a ring.

Creative Services


Concept Design and Development, Production Design, Content Creation, Storyboard & Script Development, Renderings and CGI Virtual environments,

Animation and After Effects, Video Mapping, Laser Integration and programming, Lighting & Special Effects illumination.  

Design and Engineering Services

Complete CAD/CAM, Modeling, Rapid-Prototyping,
Civil Engineering, Design & Specification,
Load Testing, Mockups & R&D


Manufacturing, Fabrication and Processing Services

Complete NC Milling/Grinding/Turning, Water-Jet
TIG MIG & Laser Welding, Surface Finishing
10’+ Break & Shear, Roll-Forming, Stamping
Anodizing & Plating, Powder Coating, Assembly


Water Feature Repair & Refurbishment
When you couple the ever changing advancements in fountain and lighting technologies with the considerable maintenance demands of water features, they often fall victim to visual obsolescence or mechanical decrepitude. Seeing A water feature in failing condition or disrepair reflects negatively on a venue and its management.

Whether it’s an emergency repair or the re-design and re-development of a major water based attraction, Mirage provides the complete range of services required to bring your water feature back to peak operational condition and top visual form.  In the process, Mirage will asses the systems attributes and make determinations as to what might be done to improve performance and/or reduce maintenance requirements.  We take a lot of pride in what we leave behind, so, this assessment/consultation is done at no charge.

Mirage’s Service Department can Repair, Replace or Provide:

Effect Apertures
Water Conditioning Systems
Water Conditioning Components
Lighting Instruments
Submersible Fixtures
Moving Head Systems
Support Equipment
Lighting Programming
Manual and fully automated Control Systems
Control systems Programming
Client Training
Maintenance and Operations Staff.


Maintenance & Service Programs
Mirage offers a variety of post warrantee maintenance and service programs.  With your help, Mirage will tailor one of these programs to meet the exact needs of your installation.  Our service programs range in coverage from the occasional repair call to more proactive & preventative scheduled maintenance packages.  Our top of the line service program even stocks spare parts and critical components for your particular installation and a 24 hour emergency repair service.

Our service staff are hand picked professionals that are selected not only for their technical savvy, but, for their professional aptitude and personal demeanor.  Further, Mirage employs a peer/customer review program that rates the level of performance of our service staff on every call/project.

If your water feature is in need of repair, seems a little lackluster or just in need of a facelift, give us a ring and we’ll give you an honest assessment of your systems condition and options to remedy it.


Mirage offers all of it’s products and systems on a rental basis.  Our objective is to provide our Rentals on as close to a “Turn Key” basis as possible, hence, they come complete with field crew and most of the support equipment required.  The rentals are backed by a top notch production staff that have many years of experience working out all of the details and logistics so that there aren’t any surprises.